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Option 1 C1and Driver CPC

  • £1495.00

Anyone wanting to drive a category C1 vehicle professionally will need to pass Driver CPC as well as C1. Having one without the other makes no sense.  Anyone without both will not be able to source employment.

Option 2 C1or D1 without Driver CPC

  • £1299.00

A condensed version of category D1 and C1 training that simply removes the Initial Driver CPC element from the course. This means instead of completing 4 modules of training, attendees will only complete two. Ideal for students not wishing to drive for hire and reward. 

Fantastic company, great team of instructors! They are always there to help and have such great knowledge everyone is truly fantastic, they have done so much for me and gone way beyond to help.Andy Grainger

Group One LGV Training are part of the EP Training Group, collectively offering a complete range of commercial driver training solutions.

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